.africa domain soon ‘open for business’, says registry


.africa domain soon ‘open for business’, says registry

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The registry behind the .africa generic-top level domain (gTLD) has said the extension will soon be “open for business”.

South-Africa based ZA Central Registry (ZACR) outlined the tentative dates for the sunrise, landrush and general availability periods for .africa on February 17.

The release said that ICANN delegated the management of the .africa new gTLD to Registry Africa, a wholly-owned subsidiary of ZACR.

ICANN overcame more than “five years of legal obstacles” in order to delegate the rights to administer the .africa domain, the release added.

The .africa domain will be tentatively released on April 4, when the sunrise period will begin. The landrush phase, also starting on April 4, will see “premium name applicants” applying for the domain, and the general availability period starts on July 4.

Lucky Masilela, CEO of ZACR, said: “In technical terms, .africa is resolving in the root zone. In laypersons’ terms, .africa will soon be open for business.”

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