Alibaba launches new system to fight counterfeits


Alibaba launches new system to fight counterfeits

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E-commerce website Alibaba has launched a new system that it says streamlines communications and collaboration to help improve intellectual property enforcement online.

The system, called the IP Joint-Force System, was launched at the company’s Rights Holders Collaboration Summit held on June 30.

The summit, which was attended by companies including Louis Vuitton, Mars, Apple and the China-Britain Business Council, aims to enhance collaboration in the fight against IP infringement.

The IP Joint-Force System is an online platform that streamlines communications between brands and Alibaba.

The new system allows brands to identify the authenticity of a product and let Alibaba know about the infringing listing.

Alibaba will initiate the existing Good Faith Takedown process and remove the listing.

Matthew Bassiur, head of global IP enforcement at Alibaba, said: “The IP Joint-Force System is a revolutionary industry solution that will redefine how IP enforcement is conducted in the digital age.”

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