Alibaba signs up to IACC


Alibaba signs up to IACC

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The International AntiCounterfeiting Coalition (IACC) has created a new membership category that is available to companies and intermediaries, with Alibaba joining as the first member.

The IACC released a statement on Wednesday, April 13, where it outlined the details of the membership.

Companies under the new membership will be known as general members and the category is related to companies that are not “directly or substantially impacted by counterfeiting”, according to the statement.

They could also be potential partners with the IACC to combat piracy and anti-counterfeiting.

Alibaba is the first company to join the new membership and already works with the IACC through its ‘MarketSafe Program’, which takes down infringing listings on Alibaba’s Taobao and Tmall sites through an expedited removal procedure.

Bob Barchiesi, the IACC president, said: “The problem of counterfeiting is too pervasive and complex for any single company or industry to combat on its own. By bringing intermediaries to the fold, we are offering our current membership a new way to work with them directly on this issue.

“We’re excited that Alibaba, one of our strongest partners, has joined the IACC and we look forward to their membership as a further step in enriching our existing dialogue and partnership,” he added.

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