sellers ordered to pay nearly $3 million to Chanel

French luxury fashion brand Chanel has been awarded nearly $3 million in damages after filing a trademark infringement complaint against dozens of online sellers.

Chanel initially filed its claim at the US District Court for the Southern District of Florida in April this year, accusing 30 defendants of selling counterfeit Chanel products through the marketplace.

“Defendants’ counterfeit goods are of a quality substantially and materially different than that of Chanel’s genuine goods,” said Chanel.

It added that it had “suffered irreparable and indivisible injury” and had “suffered substantial damages” as a result of the counterfeiting.

Chanel was initially seeking $2 million per infringement, a transfer of profits derived from the infringing products, injunctive relief, costs and a jury trial.

In a decision published on Thursday, June 22, US District Judge Beth Bloom granted Chanel’s requests for damages, but only a fraction of what was requested.

She ordered 29 of the 30 defendants to each pay $100,000 in damages, along with costs and a permanent injunction against the defendants.

As part of the injunction, she also ordered internet marketplace websites , including but not limited to, to cease/cancel any accounts affiliated with the defendants.

One of the accused, named as Gujsso, has hired a lawyer to represent him in the dispute with Chanel.

The request for a delay on proceedings against him was granted, two days prior to the ruling.

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