Amazon delists Tablo DVRs over ‘copyright infringement’


Rory O'Neill

Amazon delists Tablo DVRs over ‘copyright infringement’

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Amazon has removed nearly all listings for Tablo digital video recorder (DVR) devices from its site on the grounds of copyright infringement, according to reports.

Tablo DVRs, manufactured by Canadian company Nuvvyo, collect over-the-air HDTV and can stream live content or record programs to watch later.

They have been labelled part of the so-called “cord cutting” trend, which sees more users than before cancelling traditional cable and satellite-based TV subscription packages in favour of alternative, cheaper avenues of accessing TV content.

An email Amazon sent to sellers of the devices said they had been “identified as a streaming media player that is facilitating copyright infringement”, according to Cord Cutter News.

Nuvvyo told the site that it was “aware” of the issue and was “working with Amazon towards a positive resolution”.

“It looks like our devices have been improperly categorised in their system as streaming media devices instead of DVRs. Tablo is an over-the-air DVR, the same type of device as the Amazon Fire TV Recast, and is 100% legal,” said Nuvvyo vice president of marketing, Renata Scorsone.

“We’re working as fast as we can to resolve this with the Amazon team in order to get Tablo DVRs back in the marketplace for over-the-air fans,” Scorsone said.

At the time of publication, many listings for Tablo devices remain inaccessible on Amazon.

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