Amazon, eBay and Alibaba ‘making it easy’ for counterfeiters


Amazon, eBay and Alibaba ‘making it easy’ for counterfeiters

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Online platforms including Amazon, eBay and Alibaba are “making it easy” for criminals to sell counterfeits to unsuspecting consumers, according to a counterfeit awareness and consumer education website.

According to The Counterfeit Report, companies including Amazon, eBay and Alibaba do not have sufficient counterfeit protection in place. The report estimates that the total cost of the fake goods market is now around $1.7 trillion.

Last month, the Counterfeit Report said it sent notifications to the three websites to remove listings for more than 3 million counterfeit or fake items offered or sold on their websites.

The organisation added that, during that period, eBay customers bought 10,640 fake items and Alibaba subsidiary AilExpress had 2,804 sales on its site.

Earlier this month, WIPR reported that James Gunter had been sentenced to two months in prison, suspended for two years after being found guilty of selling counterfeit car parts including fake Porsche and Audi products on eBay. 

This was first published on World IP Review. 

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