Amazon files multiple lawsuits in fight against counterfeiters


Amazon files multiple lawsuits in fight against counterfeiters

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Amazon has stepped up its fight against counterfeiters after filing four joint lawsuits yesterday.

The e-commerce site has joined forces with US-based luggage company Vera Bradley Designs on three of the cases and electronics accessory company Otter Products, also based in the US, on the fourth case.

With Vera Bradley, Amazon is suing an individual from Texas, Zhen Zhang, Texas-based Fabby Global Trading and ten John Does for trademark and copyright infringement at the US District Court for the Western District of Washington at Seattle.

It was alleged that the defendants used Amazon’s online marketplace to sell products bearing counterfeit trademarks that infringed IP owned by Vera Bradley.

According to the lawsuit, the defendants “wilfully deceived Amazon and its customers, infringed and misused Vera Bradley’s IP, harmed the integrity of Amazon’s marketplace, tarnished Amazon’s and Vera Bradley’s brands, and damaged Amazon’s and Vera Bradley’s customers”.

In the second lawsuit, filed at the same court, Amazon and Vera Bradley sued Florida-based individual Linda Kurth and ten John Does for copyright and trademark infringement.

The plaintiffs accused Kurth of unlawfully advertising and selling products on Amazon bearing counterfeit trademarks belonging to Vera Bradley and infringing its copyright.

According to the claim, Kurth personally participated in and/or had the right and ability to supervise, direct and control the “wrongful conduct” that the plaintiffs alleged. As a result, it is believed that she financially benefited from the operations.

The third case filed by Amazon and Vera Bradley at the same court was brought against a series of individuals and unknown entities for copyright and trademark infringement.

The defendants were accused of operating a number of accounts on Amazon to sell counterfeit Vera Bradley items.

In all three of these instances, Amazon and Vera Bradley requested a permanent enjoinment against the defendants and for them to pay damages.

Amazon, with Otter Products, also sued Florida-based individual Ngullen Rivera, NGS ICommerce Enterprises and ten John Does at the same court for trademark infringement.

The claim alleged that the defendants operated at least one account on Amazon to sell counterfeit mobile phone cases bearing the registered trademarks of Otter Products.

Amazon and Otter Products are seeking damages and a permanent enjoinment against the defendants.

These lawsuits come after TBO reported on Wednesday, March 7 that Amazon was accused of being “complicit” in the sale of counterfeit goods by mobile phone accessory company Elevation Lab.

Amazon responded by claiming that it works closely with vendors to strengthen the protection of their brands, investing in machine learning to anticipate counterfeit activities.

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