Australian entertainment company invests A$1.5m in anti-piracy technology


Australia-based entertainment company Village Roadshow has invested A$1.5 million ($117.3 million) in Linius Technologies, a developer of anti-piracy solutions.

Linius Technologies has obtained a patent for its video virtualisation engine, which “converts cumbersome, static legacy video into agile, interactive, virtual video”, the company said.

According to its site, the engine allows you to deliver a personalised virtual file of any video content instead of the physical source file.

“It’s like having a ghost file, not the true body of content itself,” said Linius.

The investment is accompanied by a private placement of $500,000 from the Kirby family.

Robert Kirby, co-executive chairman and co-CEO of Village Roadshow, said: “Village Roadshow has long been a leading voice in tackling global piracy.

“We are particularly interested in the anti-piracy solutions that Linius is developing and are actively working together with Linius to introduce its technology to industry leaders in the hope of reducing global piracy.”

Chris Richardson, CEO of Linius, added: “We are very pleased to be working with Village Roadshow, a leader in the global fight against video piracy.”

Richardson went on to explain that Village Roadshow sees the “potential to stem piracy and create new revenue streams for studios and distributors”.

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