Brand gTLDs to thrive, says NetNames report


Brand gTLDs to thrive, says NetNames report

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Companies will increasingly hone strategies for .brand generic top-level domains (gTLDs) as they control their own piece of the internet, a NetNames report has claimed.

The brand protection company launched the report—Internet 2020—at an event on the top floor of The Gherkin in London, on June 24. It surveyed 400 “business leaders” and 6,000 consumers across four countries.

By 2020, said the report, .brand domains will be given the highest relevance in searches for companies and brands.

With the predicted rise of .brands, nearly 90 percent of businesses surveyed said new gTLDs will make it easier to find their website. Consumers were less sure, however, with just 41 percent sharing this view.

The report’s two remaining findings were that new gTLDs will dramatically fragment the internet, while internationalised domain names will be widely adopted.

“All of these changes will combine effectively to ‘reset’ the internet, offering brands the opportunity to strengthen their online presence and lead the way in a new digital era,” said Gary McIlraith, NetNames chief executive. 

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