BREIN receives go-ahead to collect BitTorrent users’ details


BREIN receives go-ahead to collect BitTorrent users’ details

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Netherlands anti-piracy group BREIN has obtained permission from the Authority for Personal Data to collect IP addresses of pirating BitTorrent users.

In the decision, on Monday, March 14, the data protection agency outlined that BREIN would need to use “adequate safeguards” to allow for the proper handling of personal data.

The ultimate aim is to undertake enforcement actions and defend the intellectual property rights of parties to BREIN, the organisation said.

BREIN released a statement (in Dutch) yesterday, March 15, in which it outlined in full the reasons for monitoring IP addresses.

Over the past year, BREIN has received settlement proposals from at least “a dozen” uploaders, with some of the amounts reaching €12,500 ($13,860).

Tim Kuik, BREIN director,  said that users hiding behind VPNs “must remember that they do not provide complete protection against identification. VPN services can see what you do, you run a security risk, and it is possible that you will still be identified”. 

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