Burberry and Bentley among early .uk registrants


Burberry and Bentley among early .uk registrants

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Big brands such as Burberry, Sainsbury’s and Bentley were among some of the early registrants of .uk domain names yesterday, June 10, helping to generate more than 50,000 sales on the suffix’s first day.

It will now be possible for sites such as burberry.uk, sainsburys.uk and bentley.uk to go live and be accessible to internet users.

Domain registry Nominet reported that the first-day .uk sales were higher than the equivalent sales of other popular top-level domains (TLDs), such as .xyz and .berlin.

Nominet, which manages .co.uk and .uk domains, will offer its existing .co.uk customers a new .uk domain name to either replace it or sit alongside it.

The .uk TLD was launched yesterday, with TV presenter Stephen Fry being the first person to register a .uk address and a sign at Heathrow airport reading “welcometothe.uk”, which was visible to passengers in the sky.

Eleanor Bradley, chief operating officer at Nominet, said: “Consumers and brands are alike showing their trust in .uk domains, with our registration rates climbing to ten times the typical daily rate.

“We’re thrilled with the response, which shows the excitement people feel about the shorter domain within the trusted .uk namespace,” she added.

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