Canadian colleges clash over VCC trademark


Canadian colleges clash over VCC trademark

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A battle over the use of the abbreviation VCC has sparked a trademark infringement dispute between two Canadian education institutions, according to The Vancouver Sun.

The publicly funded Vancouver Community College alleges that the run-for-profit institution Vancouver Career College is infringing upon the trademark VCC and is confusing students by running digital marketing campaigns which use the initials.

Chris Wilson, a lawyer representing Vancouver Community College, said that the “goodwill of the last 40-plus years ... is wrapped up in that trademark VCC.”

Established in 1965, Vancouver Community College registered the VCC trademark in 1998, and the domain was registered in 2001.

Established in 1996, Vancouver Career College applied for a number of domain sites that included the VCC abbreviation in 2009, including which was later used it as its official website.

The public institution also alleges that the Vancouver Career College paid for the top search results for VCC in a Google search, appearing above the link to Vancouver Community College.

So far, neither Vancouver Community College nor Vancouver Career College has responded to requests for comment.

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