Chanel obtains injunction against online counterfeiter


Luxury brand Chanel has obtained an injunction against an online counterfeiter, nearly two years after filing its lawsuit.

Chanel filed its suit at the US District Court for the Northern District of Ohio in June 2015, alleging that Shakira Booker had sold counterfeit goods and confusingly similar imitations of Chanel’s trademarks.

According to the claim, Booker had sold mobile phone cases and cellular phone accessories online that featured the trademarks.

“Specifically, upon information and belief, the defendants are using the Chanel marks in the same stylised fashion, for different and inferior quality goods,” said the suit.

The brand owns the trademark ‘Chanel’ and its mark with two interlocking letter ‘C’s, which are registered in international class 9, and cover phone covers and charms.

On Friday, May 12, District Judge Christopher Boyko signed an order for default judgment and an injunction.

Booker is enjoined from selling the counterfeit goods, as well as using any logo and/or layout which may be calculated to “falsely advertise” Chanel products. 

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