China targets online infringers in IP crackdown


China targets online infringers in IP crackdown

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The Chinese government is set to launch a series of clampdowns relating to online infringement as part of its latest bid to improve IP enforcement.

The nationwide campaign will focus on tackling deceptive advertising online and shutting down websites hosting illegal videos and music.

Tighter measures will also be implemented on internet service providers and domain-name registrations, according to a release by the State Council General Office.

Despite focusing predominantly on online issues the office also pledges to target patent infringement and ensure trade secrets and geographical indicators are better protected.

The release, issued on April 14, also urged stepping up revision of relevant laws and regulations to facilitate the crackdown adding that any companies violating IP laws could be blacklisted.

China will also widen consultations on IP rights with the US and European countries as well as cooperate with other members of the BRICS group.

BRICS, consists of the five major emerging economies Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa..

The announcement is the latest effort by Chinese officials to improve its enforcement of IP rights.

Earlier this year, WIPR reported that nearly 60,000 people suspected of committing IP infringement were arrested in China last year.

In November last year a government proposal called The Decision on Major Issues Concerning Comprehensively Deepening Reforms said the country was considering implementing a dedicated IP court. 

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