Companies struggling to manage domain portfolios: Brandsight


Companies struggling to manage domain portfolios: Brandsight

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A new survey published by corporate domain name registrar Brandsight has revealed that over half of respondents are struggling to manage their domain name portfolios.

The insight is part of Brandsight’s second annual domain management survey.

According to the survey, 53% of respondents said that managing their domain name portfolios has become more difficult over the past year.

This could be partially due to the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), on May 25, according to the study.

Of those who took part in the survey, 88% said that dealing with the impact of the GDPR and the inability to access Whois contact information has been a challenge for them.

Elisa Cooper, senior vice president of marketing and policy, said that other factors such as driving traffic to relevant content and reducing expenditure have had an impact on the results.

She added that they “confirm what we have been hearing in the market—that companies are still facing a number of domain management challenges”.

In addition, 22% of respondents said that they spend two to three days a week managing their portfolios, while 32% said they spend four to five days. According to Brandsight, there is a close correlation between the size of the portfolio and the amount of time spent managing it.

Nearly all (97%) of the respondents said that ensuring the security of their domain portfolio is an important goal, with 88% of them highlighting reducing domain management expenditures as an important goal.

Of the corporate domain name professionals who responded to the survey, 35% had portfolios between 3,000 and 10,000 domains, and 30% had portfolios greater than 10,000 domains.

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