Domain Name Association voices support for copyright infringement system


Domain Name Association voices support for copyright infringement system

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The Domain Name Association (DNA) has voiced support for the creation of a voluntary copyright infringement system.

Much like the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy for handling trademark violations, the system would address illegal infringement of copyright through the use of domain names.

“The system would be available for voluntary participation by registries and registrars who would like to work with content owners to combat illegal activity on a more efficient and cost-effective basis, but still adhering to key tenets of due process,” said the association in a statement released on Wednesday, February 8.

The voluntary system is one of four areas addressed by the DNA in its publication of its “healthy practices” initiative.

Online security abuse, child abuse mitigation, and complaint handling from illegal online pharmacies were the three other practice areas.

The publication was produced by the DNA’s Healthy Domains Initiative, an effort to build on the domain name system’s “already secure and stable platform and meet select challenges head-on, before they develop”.

Mason Cole, vice president of domain name company Donuts and chair of the Healthy Domains Initiative Committee, said: “As member companies voluntarily implement measures, the DNA plans to collect and make known examples of the efficacy of healthy practices, so the internet community can understand the efficacy of these measures and contribute additional ideas.”

He added that the committee looks forward to considering additional measures that DNA members can consider as “contributions to the healthy evolution of the internet namespace”.

The DNA surveyed its membership on what, if any, healthy practices were already employed by members and how appealing any proposed new practices were.

The results of the survey found that 78% of respondents said their companies already employed healthy practices outside of the scope of their contracts with ICANN.

It also found that 89% of respondents wanted to expand this list to include additional practices. 

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