Donuts reveals positive results from MPAA partnership


Donuts reveals positive results from MPAA partnership

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Domain name company Donuts has revealed the results of its partnership with the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA).

In February, TBO reported that Donuts had joined forces with the MPAA to stamp out “large scale” online piracy.

Under the agreement, the MPAA is treated as a ‘trusted notifier’ by reporting copyright infringing websites that are registered under a generic top-level domain operated by Donuts.

In a recent blog post, Donuts said that in March, the MPAA referred three domain names to Donuts and in June referred three more.

After Donuts took action, two of the domains were deleted and two were suspended. The hosting provider took action against the fifth domain. Action has yet to be taken on the sixth domain.

In its blog post Donuts wrote: “Donuts has been extremely careful in balancing the rights of its end-user customers along with those of copyright holders.

“We continue to believe this is a useful and efficient manner for addressing blatant online piracy, and we encourage others in the domain name community to follow suit with similar programmes.”

It added: “Our hope is that this programme will be a pre-cursor to a more streamlined industry-wide process that all interested parties can develop collaboratively.”

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