eBay launches authentication service for $500 designer bags


eBay launches authentication service for $500 designer bags

eBay has launched a service where “industry experts” can verify the authenticity of a seller’s designer handbag before it is shipped to the buyer.

The service is available for any designer handbag selling for over $500, with sellers able to keep 80% of the final price.

Launched yesterday, October 16, ‘eBay Authenticate’  covers 16 brands including Burberry, Chanel, Christian Dior and Gucci.

“We’re making it even easier for our buyers to shop quickly and confidently for luxury handbags,” said Laura Chambers, vice president of consumer selling at eBay.

Chambers added that plans are underway to expand the service to other brands and categories.

The website states that sellers must select “sell with eBay Authenticate” when listing an eligible luxury handbag, before sending it using a prepaid shipping label or dropping it off at a participating FedEx location, which will then ship it to the experts at no cost.

The experts will then authenticate, list, sell and ship the handbag to the buyer, according to the website, with the seller receiving 80% of the fee. 

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