eBay launches new authentication programme


eBay launches new authentication programme

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E-commerce company eBay has announced that later this year it will launch a new authentication programme, which is designed to “boost consumer confidence when purchasing high-end merchandise”.

eBay revealed its new authentication programme, eBay Authenticate, on Thursday, January 12.

The company said that the programme, which is powered by a network of professional authenticators, would be launched “later this year”,

According to the company, eBay Authenticate is “another step in raising the standard of online commerce” for eBay customers.

Laura Chambers, vice president of eBay consumer selling, said in an internal interview with the company: “We’re currently developing a service that will further benefit both buyers and sellers on our marketplace. We know that many shoppers may be hesitant to purchase high-end products online.

“This service is designed to help quell some of those concerns—and in turn enhance the opportunity for our sellers to get top dollar for their items.”

eBay users who sell “certain types of inventory”, such as high-end handbags, will have an opportunity to opt into the authentication service for a fee when listing a product, according to Chambers.

There will be a message on the seller’s listing that highlights that the item will be reviewed by a professional authenticator before it’s delivered to the buyer. If the item sells, a professional authenticator will examine the item for authenticity.

She added: “If the item passes inspection, the item will be forwarded to the buyer. To further bolster consumer trust in this programme, if a buyer receives an item following inspection and it’s found to be inauthentic, eBay will refund the buyer two times the cost of the original purchase price.”

eBay Authenticate is viewed by the company as an extension of its existing anti-counterfeiting initiatives. 

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