eBay seller hit with fine over streaming devices


eBay seller hit with fine over streaming devices

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A supplier of illicit streaming devices has been hit with an £18,000 ($24,869) fine, after selling Kodi-type boxes which were pre-loaded to enable the viewing of pirated English Premier League football broadcasts.

The Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT) announced the fine on Thursday, February 8, explaining that the action was part of the Premier League’s copyright protection programme.

Nayanesh Patel from Middlesex, UK, sold Kodi-type boxes on platforms including eBay and Facebook and has agreed to pay the fine.

He has also agreed to remove all infringing adverts from the platforms, disable access to his website, and cease all sales of similar devices.

Another supplier, who sold subscriptions to illegal streams of Premier League football, has had to pay £8,000 and cease all such future trading.

Kevin Plumb, the Premier League’s director of legal services, said: “This case shows there are serious consequences for sellers of pre-loaded boxes and is a warning for anyone who thinks they might get away with this type of activity.”

In January, TBO reported that the Premier League had secured an injunction against internet hosting provider Ecatel in the Netherlands.

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