EU works on counterfeit watch list


EU works on counterfeit watch list

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The European Commission has revealed plans to create its very own piracy and counterfeit watch list and has launched a public consultation to solicit views. 

Announced on Monday, January 22, the watch list aims to identify markets outside of the EU where counterfeiting, piracy and other forms of IP abuse are common practice. 

Earlier this year, the US Trade Representative released its own notorious markets watch list, citing illicit streaming devices as a growing piracy concern. 

China was again identified as the primary source of counterfeit products, with Argentina, Canada and India also making the watch list. 

The Commission’s future watch list is expected to help raise awareness of consumers that might be buying products in those marketplaces, and encourage a crackdown on IP abuse. 

It will also monitor the measures taken by local authorities to reduce the availability of infringing goods and services.

Trade in counterfeit and pirated products amounts to around €338 billion ($420.8 billion) worldwide, according to the European Union Intellectual Property Office and the OECD.

Contributions to the public consultation should be sent before March 31, 2018.


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