Federal Court of Australia issues piracy block against ISPs


Federal Court of Australia issues piracy block against ISPs

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The Federal Court of Australia has blocked access to 16 sources of online piracy after entertainment company Roadshow Films filed a copyright infringement case.

Recent notable releases of Roadshow Films include the new “Tomb Raider” and “Ready Player One”.

The websites were providing access to unauthorised content via apps.

In total, there are 49 respondents. Each one is a member of the Telstra, Optus, Vocus or TGP groups. Justice Nicholas said that the respondents did not seek to be heard in the proceedings. Submitted appearances were filed on their behalf.

In issuing the block, on Friday, April 27, the judge told the respondents that they have 15 business days to disable access to the sites.

Most of the IP addresses of the websites are in the Netherlands, while France and the US are also listed as countries where the sources originated. Nicholas highlighted that none of the websites were based in Australia.

There are three particular apps that the proceeding refers to: the HD Subs+ App; the Upgraded HD Subs+ App; and the Press Play Extra App.

The apps are all different versions of each other, consisting of the same underlying technology and functionality. The latter two are updated versions of the HD Subs+ App.

These apps are pre-installed on the X-96 Smart TV Box.

“The X-96 is a compact electronic device that connects to a TV or video screen and is connected to the internet via either a cable or a wireless connection,” said Nicholas.

The X-96 operated on the Android system and can be controlled by either connecting a keyboard and mouse to the box or by using a remote control unit supplied with it.

When the user’s account is active, they can select movies and TV shows to stream. Nicholas found that the movie content and the TV channel content “has been streamed without the consent of the copyright owners”.

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