Fendi files TM suit over online counterfeiting


Italian luxury fashion brand Fendi has sued a number of online counterfeiters who allegedly sold unauthorised versions of its goods online.

Filed at the US District Court for the Southern District of Florida yesterday, May 31, the lawsuit sought injunctive relief, destruction of the infringing goods and a transfer of any profits.

Fendi accused the defendants of deliberately infringing its products and claimed that the alleged counterfeiters are “likely to transfer their assets to avoid payment of any damages”.

The claim said: “Defendants are engaging in illegal counterfeiting and infringing activities knowingly and intentionally or with reckless disregard or wilful blindness to Fendi’s rights.”

It added: “Fendi is suffering irreparable and indivisible injury and has suffered substantial damages as a result of defendants’ unauthorised and wrongful use of the Fendi marks.”

Fendi is the owner of several ‘Fendi’ related trademarks, including registration number 3,940,027, which is a logo made of two Fs, one of which is upside down.

It owns a number of other trademarks s which cover a range of fashion goods such as jackets and sunglasses.

Fendi added that the defendants, who allegedly had 39 different online accounts, are likely to “reside and/or operate in foreign jurisdictions with lax trademark enforcement systems or redistribute products from the same or similar sources in those locations”.

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