GoDaddy seeks trademark injunction against 50 websites


GoDaddy seeks trademark injunction against 50 websites

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Internet domain registrar GoDaddy has sued a California-based man for trademark infringement, accusing him of running various domains using the ‘GoDaddy’ marks.

The complaint was filed at the US District Court for the Northern District of California on Friday, November 10.

The defendant is accused of owning numerous corporate entities which had “launched a campaign of IP misuse and misappropriation aimed at siphoning traffic from GoDaddy’s websites and profiting from the GoDaddy marks”.

GoDaddy listed 50 domain names which had used its marks without permission, including domain names and other sites which claimed to be “highly recommended by GoDaddy”.

The US internet registrar owns a number of trademarks, including number 4,549,193 for the GoDaddy logo and 4,526,948 for the ‘GoDaddy’ name for use with clothes.

“Despite recent efforts to conceal their ownership of the infringing domains, GoDaddy was able to determine that defendants own at least one of the infringing domains,” the complaint further stated.

The domains listed were also said to share many similarities, including layout, address and telephone number.

GoDaddy is seeking injunctive relief, damages, a transfer of the domains and attorneys’ fees.

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