Grooveshark co-founder found dead


The co-founder of defunct music streaming website Grooveshark has reportedly been found dead.

According to BBC News, Josh Greenberg was found at his home in Florida yesterday, July 20.

The Twitter account for Gainesville Police, the local police force, reported that there had been “no evidence of foul play or suicide.”

Earlier this year, TBO reported on the copyright dispute between Grooveshark and nine music labels including Sony and Universal.

The website was closed down on April 30 after it was threatened with a potential $736 million fine following a victory for the record labels in the lawsuit.

In a judgment handed down at the US District Court for the Southern District of New York on April 23 Grooveshark was found liable for wilful copyright infringement.

Under US law a judge can rule on damages of between $750 to $30,000 for each work infringed, but this can reach $150,000 if the infringement is found to be wilful.

The website's operators were accused of uploading 4,907 works to the website and sharing them with its users.

But instead of paying the fine, the site's operators settled with the record labels and agreed to close it down.

Friends and colleagues have taken to social media to pay their respects to Greenberg. 

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