Gucci exits IACC after Alibaba joins


Gucci exits IACC after Alibaba joins

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Luxury brand Gucci has terminated its membership with the International AntiCounterfeiting Coalition in what is an alleged protest at Alibaba joining one of the organisation’s new membership categories.

Last month TBO reported that Alibaba had joined a new IACC membership programme available for companies and intermediaries.

Companies that join the new category are known as general members and it is for companies that are not “directly or substantially impacted by counterfeiting”.

Gucci, an existing member, ended its membership on Saturday, May 7, while fashion company Michael Kors also rescinded its membership last month.

According to the Associated Press Candice Li-Uzoigwe, vice president of the IACC, said Gucci “were not happy about Alibaba joining”.

Gucci and Alibaba have been at war recently over alleged Gucci counterfeits appearing on Alibaba’s platforms. Gucci sued Alibaba last year accusing it of selling counterfeit goods.

A spokesperson for the IACC told TBO that Alibaba’s application for membership was “unanimously approved” by its board of directors and based on demonstrated commitment and results in the MarketSafe programme, an anti-counterfeiting collaboration between the IACC and Alibaba.

The spokesperson added: “The IACC stands by its collaborative approach and is committed to lean into the future and lead a coalition of the willing.

“The problem of counterfeiting is too pervasive and complex for any single company or industry to combat on its own. Our general member category was created in recognition of the integral role that intermediaries play as part of the solution and in eBay's and others’ interest in joining.” 

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