ICANN seeks comments on .museum contract renewal


ICANN has asked for feedback on the proposed new registry agreement for the .museum top-level domain (TLD).

It follows discussions between ICANN and the Museum Domain Management Association over the renewal of the 2007 agreement, which is set to expire on November 2.

Public comments opened on Thursday, August 24, and are set to close on October 3. An ICANN staff report will follow on October 18.

The eligibility requirements for .museum—which was approved in 2001—have been expanded to include “museums, professional associations of museums, individuals with an interest or a link with museum profession and/or activity, or bona fide museum users”. 

The contract states that .museum will not be subject to the Trademark Clearinghouse or the Registry Restrictions Dispute Resolution Procedure, but will be required to implement the Uniform Rapid Suspension system.

At the time of writing, no public comments have been filed.  

Contracts for other TLDs including .mobi, .jobs and .travel have been renewed. 

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