ICANN seeks help with Whois system


ICANN seeks help with Whois system

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ICANN is seeking assistance to develop and maintain its system for identifying who owns a domain.  

The organisation is asking “one or more providers” to help with the “development, operation and maintenance” of the Whois Online Accuracy Reporting System (ARS).

In a statement released on May 19, ICANN says it is wants proposals from vendors or service providers that can perform “one or more” of the functions of the ARS.

According to ICANN, the ARS will: proactively identify potentially inaccurate gTLD Whois contact data through random sampling; forward potentially inaccurate records to registrars for investigation; and follow-up and report on the resulting actions.

ICANN says it will likely partner with several vendors to perform the services.

Additional information and instructions for submitting responses can be found here

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