ICE ‘intensifies’ efforts to clamp down on IP theft


ICE ‘intensifies’ efforts to clamp down on IP theft

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US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has “intensified” efforts to clamp down on IP theft by inviting industry representatives to exchange intelligence and develop new strategies in the fight against IP crimes.

On Friday, November 17, ICE released a statement revealing details of a meeting held two days earlier by the National IP Rights Coordination Center (IPR Center) titled “Solving the e-commerce puzzle”.

“Industry leaders from the automotive sector, e-commerce platforms and  financial services businesses were actively engaged during panel discussions centring on best practices and strategies about how to make online shopping safe for US consumers and free of counterfeit items,” said ICE.

The IPR Center is a government organisation which uses the expertise of its 23 member agencies including the US Patent and Trademark Office to share information, develop initiatives, and coordinate enforcement actions and conduct investigations related to IP theft.

“We are committed to targeting and investigating individuals trafficking counterfeit goods that threaten the health and safety of the American public and support criminal organisations,” said acting director of the IPR Center, Nick Annan.

He added: “The creation of collaborative innovative strategies between industry and law enforcement will ensure that counterfeiters have nowhere to hide.”

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