Iron Maiden tackle online counterfeiters


Iron Maiden tackle online counterfeiters

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Heavy metal band Iron Maiden have taken on internet counterfeiters, accusing them of infringing the ‘Iron Maiden’ trademarks. 

The claim was filed on Tuesday, January 23 at the US District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, Eastern Division.

Iron Maiden said that the online counterfeiters are trading on the band’s reputation and goodwill, and infringing US trademark numbers 4,848,431; 3,840,031; 1,307,146; 1,306,972; and 1,308,370. Each of the trademarks included the name ‘Iron Maiden’. 

“Consumers have come to expect the highest quality from plaintiff’s products provided under the ‘Iron Maiden’ trademarks.”

Iron Maiden sell band merchandise through their online shop. The band said that since the initial launch of the branded products, the band have continuously marketed and promoted the trademarks.

According to Iron Maiden, the internet stores are designed to appear to be authorised online retailers selling genuine Iron Maiden products. 

The band are seeking a permanent injunction against the online sellers, transfer of the domains, and either profits or $2 million for each infringing use. They have also asked the court to order that any online marketplaces shall disable and cease providing services for the defendants selling the counterfeit goods. 

“Plaintiff is forced to file this action to combat defendants’ counterfeiting of plaintiff’s registered trademarks, as well as to protect unknowing consumers from purchasing unauthorised Iron Maiden products over the internet,” added the claim. 

Iron Maiden are an English metal band formed in East London in 1975 by bassist and primary songwriter Steve Harris.

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