Landrush period for .luxury gTLD now open


Landrush period for .luxury gTLD now open

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The first web addresses under the .luxury generic top-level domain (gTLD) are now publicly-available.

Interested registrants can buy a .luxury domain during the gTLD’s landrush stage, which follows a 60-day sunrise period limited to trademark owners.

More than 500 brands, including Chanel, Versace, Gucci and Cartier, secured their trademarks during that period.

Monica Kirchner, chief executive of the .luxury registry, said her company is providing an “innovative platform” and competitive advantage for companies to position themselves within the luxury market.

Jeremy Ebbels, general manager of ARI Registry Services, the technology provider for .luxury, added: “There is no better way for businesses to demonstrate their affiliation with the luxury marketplace online than by registering a .luxury domain name.”

The landrush stage for .luxury, which began on April 10, will remain open for 30 days until May 10.

After the landrush period closes .luxury domain names will become generally available, beginning on May 19.

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