Louis Vuitton sues 69 defendants over online counterfeits


Luxury brand Louis Vuitton has taken action against nearly 70 defendants accused of selling counterfeit versions of its goods online.

Filed at the US District Court for the Southern District of Florida on Tuesday, September 19, Louis Vuitton’s case accused the 69 defendants of selling “substantially lower quality” infringing goods using a range of seller IDs.

The company also accused the defendants of running internet campaigns for their stores using Louis Vuitton trademarks in order to appear higher on Google search engine results.

The stores were all allegedly held on Amazon.

“Depriving Louis Vuitton and other third parties of their right to fairly compete for space within search engines, defendants reduce the visibility of Louis Vuitton’s genuine goods.”

The brand’s trademarks include ‘Louis Vuitton’, US registration 3,576,404, for its chequered logo and 2,361,695 for the VL interlinked logo.

Exact names and addresses of the defendants are unknown.

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