Louis Vuitton sues Taobao users


Louis Vuitton sues Taobao users

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Louis Vuitton is seeking damages from three counterfeiters who sold counterfeit fashion accessories online.

The three defendants, two surnamed Liang and one with the surname Han, sold fake Louis Vuitton leather pouches, scarves and shoes on Taobao, a subsidiary of Alibaba Group.

The three were convicted by the Chinese government in 2014 but Louis Vuitton requested permission to sue as well. The French company is seeking damages of RMB250,000 ($37,900).

According to a statement from the Beijing Haidian Court, which agreed to hear the case last week, the first Liang sold an “array of counterfeited fashion goods” on the platform.

The other defendant named Liang was responsible for the daily management of the online store and taking orders from clients. This Liang reportedly bought fake goods from Han and resold them online, earning around RMB 1 million. 

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