Major brands sign up for .sucks


Major brands sign up for .sucks

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Apple, Pfizer, Walmart and IBM are among the major brands that have registered for a .sucks domain, according to the domain’s registry Vox Populi.

According to the registry, 55 companies included in the latest Fortune 100 list have signed up for the domain.

The Fortune publication regularly ranks the biggest companies in the world in order of the revenue generated in the respective fiscal year.

Walmart tops the current rankings, followed by energy companies Exxon Mobil and Chevron. Both Exxon and Chevron have also registered for a .sucks domain.

According to Whois, Walmart registered the domain on June 20, 2015, but the website is currently not live. Apple registered its domain on the same date, but the domain is also inactive.

Both domains were registered the day after the sunrise period for the domain closed on June 19. Other companies that registered for the domain on June 20 include Ford, Microsoft and Pfizer.

A spokesperson for Vox Populi said the registrants are a “diverse group” and reflect the “broad reach of business”.

“Each has a history of making the right decision most of the time. We’d like to think registering a .sucks domain name is another one of those,” the spokesperson added.

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