Mayweather v McGregor accounted for 80% of illegal streams: report


The boxing match between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor in August accounted for 80% of all piracy streams that evening.

The statistic comes as part of a report by networking equipment company Sandvine, which released its “Video and Television Piracy: Ecosystem and Impact” study this week.

Sandvine monitored internet traffic in the US and found that 6.5% of households are “communicating” with piracy services.

It further highlighted that there has been a 4% drop in cable subscriptions since 2012.

“Despite the continued growth in licensed services such as Netflix, there are still consumers committing content fraud and there are still piracy services that cater to these market demands,” the report stated.

“Some consumers knowingly commit fraud; others do so without fully understanding that their activities are illegal; some are motivated purely or predominantly by money.”

It went on to mention internet protocol television (IPTV) technology, which allows people to pay to access a wide range of TV channels through their computer.

The report showed that 75% of all IPTV piracy is through set-top boxes.

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