Broadcaster alliance steps up piracy fight


Broadcaster alliance steps up piracy fight

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The International Broadcaster Coalition Against Piracy (IBCAP), an alliance of international broadcasters, and NAGRA, a provider of content protection solutions, have expanded their agreement to bring anti-piracy technology to the market.

In a statement released on Monday, April 10, the companies announced that they will implement various strategies focused on combatting the illegitimate use and distribution of international content in the US

IBCAP will establish a monitoring lab to detect unauthorised use of its members’ content.

Over the next few weeks, NAGRA’s investigation services will be focused on identifying retailers selling pirate services, educating them about the risks of selling those services, and collecting evidence for future investigations and lawsuits.

Chris Kuelling, executive director of IBCAP, said: “The expansion of our agreement with NAGRA will help us leverage the latest technologies and expertise in content protection and anti-piracy with the aim of putting pirates out of business and replacing them with legitimate providers.”

Frederic Guitard, vice president of media security services for NAGRA, added: “NAGRA is constantly expanding its portfolio of content value protection technologies and services, and this contract marks a milestone in our commitment to support broadcasters and content creators in the protection of their content from piracy in foreign markets.”

He added that developing automated tools to detect unauthorised streaming, especially on increasingly popular internet protocol TV set-top boxes and Kodi add-ons, helps ensure that the company can take “swift and decisive action against pirates”.

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