Nastraq welcomes former Facebook lawyer on board


Nastraq, an online platform that matches buyers and sellers of music, videos and other creative works, has hired Kyle Robertson as an IP lawyer.

Robertson has previously worked as an attorney for companies including Facebook, Apple, Intel and Cisco.

He said: “Nastraq’s approach is powerful because dynamic pricing is fair to both consumers and artists. In the weeks to come, we will be releasing more details about the Nastraq API, which will enable any programmer to integrate content streaming from Nastraq artists.”

Kamil Grzych, founder of Nastraq, said he and Robertson will continue to develop and safeguard the company’s IP.

“While other founders horde equity, Sam [Senev] and I are very determined to bring the top minds from each related field because we know Nastraq is bigger than us. It’s the future of how creative content will be monetised: music, videos, films, books and everything creative.”

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