PIPCU claims success in targeting advertising on infringing websites


PIPCU claims success in targeting advertising on infringing websites

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The UK-based Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU) has said there has been a 73% drop in advertising on copyright-infringing websites since it launched ‘Operative Creative’.

‘Operation Creative’ was launched in 2013 and is targeted at reducing advertising on infringing websites through collaboration with brand owners and internet users.

PIPCU said that advertising from the automotive, real estate, and food and drink industries on websites hosting infringing content has “almost entirely stopped”.

Advertising on copyright-infringing websites has proven to be a big issue. In 2013, the Digital Citizens Alliance reported that $227 million was generated from advertising on illegal websites.

PIPCU stated that a “decrease in advertising from reputable brands” will help to de-legitimise infringing websites.

Baroness Lucy Neville-Rolfe, UK minister for intellectual property, said: “The government takes copyright infringement extremely seriously—it hurts businesses, consumers and the wider economy.

“The results of ‘Operation Creative’ show what can be achieved when enforcement agencies, industry and government work together. I am delighted PIPCU are clamping down on advertising of things like pop music and gambling on copyright-infringing sites,” she added.

Peter Ratcliffe, head of PIPCU, said: “Working closely with right holders and the advertising industry, PIPCU has been able to lead the way with tackling copyright-infringing sites by successfully disrupting advertising revenue.” 

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