Singapore faces calls to reduce online piracy


Singapore faces calls to reduce online piracy

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The Coalition Against Piracy (CAP) has called on Singapore to crack down on copyright infringement online in the city-state.

CAP pointed towards recent research by Singapore-based Sycamore Research which found that 14% of Singaporeans admitted to accessing pirated content via illicit streaming devices (ISDs).

This compares to 6% of all households in North America who currently have TV boxes configured to access illicit content, according to Sandvine Research, also cited by CAP.

CAP represents several major international entertainment companies including Disney and HBO.

“Singapore faces similar challenges to other developed countries, with the surge in popularity of illicit streaming devices,” explained CAP president Neil Gane.

He added: “The pay-TV industry is hopeful that the Singapore government recognises the commercial damage that such illegal sales have on their industry, and the risks that consumers face due to malware being embedded within the ISD applications.”

Gane continued: “The fast transmission of digital data has facilitated access to online pirated content among some consumers in Singapore. This has resulted in an expectation of getting something for nothing.

“This has contributed to consumers migrating away from legal services and funding criminal syndicates who provide access to this illicit content,” he added.

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