.sucks domain registry launches trademark awareness campaign


Domain name registry Vox Populi Registry has launched a new website to raise awareness of potential trademark infringement in the .sucks domain space.

Vox Populi Registry, which manages the .sucks top-level domain, launched trademarkinfringement.sucks on Monday, May 14 to raise awareness of the negative impact .sucks domains can have on a brand. The registry has encourage companies to register their domain names before other entities do.

According to Vox Populi, anyone is entitled to purchase a branded domain name, even if they are not associated with the name. Therefore, it is important that relevant domains are protected to avoid potential reputational damage.

Christina Beavis, chief operating officer at Vox Populi, said that companies have tried to buy their own domain names in the past only to find that they had already been purchased by a third party.

“We want to help educate our users about what can be an overlooked threat to brands, so they can ensure that they purchase at a much earlier stage, and certainly before it’s too late,” she said.

In 2016, Vox Populi announced that companies including Apple, Pfizer, Walmart and IBM had registered a .sucks domain.

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