Sunrise period for .blog set to open


Sunrise period for .blog set to open

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The sunrise period for the .blog generic top level domain (gTLD) will open tomorrow, August 18.

The domain is owned by Primer Nivel, but is registered under the name Knock Knock Whois There, a subsidiary of US-based web development company Automattic, which owns blogging website

Primer Nivel and Automattic are working in a partnership to manage the domain.

In May this year, Matt Mullenweg, CEO of Automattic, wrote a blog post discussing the auction price for .blog, which it won in February 2015.

He said: “We wanted to stay stealth while in the bidding process and afterward in order not to draw too much attention, but nonetheless the cost of the .blog auction got up there (people are estimating around $20M).”

The sunrise period will run from August 18 to October 17. 

This was first published on World IP Review.

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