Top UK brands ‘not’ being sucked into new domain


Top UK brands ‘not’ being sucked into new domain

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Dozens of leading UK-based brands did not register a .sucks domain during its sunrise period, a web hosting company has claimed.

According to, 80% of 100 big brands in the UK have yet to sign up to the domain, which entered its general availability stage last week.  The sunrise period ran from March 30 to June 19.

Of the “leading 100 UK brands” still to register a .sucks address include skincare brand Dove, chocolate maker Cadbury, and broadcaster the BBC.

Among the brands that have purchased a .sucks domain are telecoms company Vodafone, financial services company Barclays, and supermarket chain Asda.

The brands analysed were those on BrandFinance’s list of the most valuable 100 UK brands in 2014.

Daniel Foster, co-founder of 34SP, said: “We’ve been surprised by the low number of UK brands that have registered these domains.

“Although the term ‘sucks’ might not resonate with the UK audience, a lot of these brands are known internationally, so the domains really shouldn’t be ignored.”

But Antony Gold, partner at patent and trademark attorney firm HGF Law in Manchester, told TBO that the “implied criticism” of brands yet to secure a .sucks domain names is “largely misplaced”.

“Internet users are much more sophisticated than when ‘sucks’ websites were first established. They don’t get readily confused between a brand owner’s sight and a protest site, nor would they necessarily expect a .sucks website to be controlled by the brand owner,” Gold said.

“Unhappy customers are much more likely to take to Twitter or Facebook, the review sections of Amazon, or any of the many other internet destinations for voicing their concerns. A .sucks website is no longer a natural focal point for protest,” he added.

“The failure of a brand to acquire a .sucks website corresponding to its trademark more likely reflects brand owners’ perceptions of the very different internet landscape and issues which prevail in 2015.”.sucks, domains, sunrise period, Dove, BBC, Cadbury,

.sucks, domains, sunrise period, Dove, BBC, Cadbury,

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