UK gambling body bans adverts on copyright infringing websites


UK gambling body bans adverts on copyright infringing websites

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The UK’s Gambling Commission has introduced rules that ban gambling services from advertising on copyright infringing websites.

Under the new rules, which come following a consultation held in May, companies that have a licence to offer gambling services are urged to take responsibility to ensure that adverts don’t “appear on websites providing unauthorised access to copyrighted content”.

The new licence condition takes on board views gathered from the consultation including from the Federation Against Copyright Theft, the Alliance for Intellectual Property and gambling company William Hill.

According to the new rules, published earlier this month, companies must also take all reasonable steps to ensure that third parties who they contract to place adverts do not put them on websites that provide access to copyrighted content.

In its response to the consultation, the commission said: “We have taken account of respondents’ views and have amended the wording of the licence condition to make clear that in the case of third party advertising, operators should implement all reasonable steps to prevent marketing appearing on such websites, and to react quickly and effectively if they do appear.”

This was first published on World IP Review.

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