UK IPO joins industry to launch music app


UK IPO joins industry to launch music app

The UK government has helped to launch a music-related app aimed at encouraging young people to respect copyright.

Music Inc allows players to manage an aspiring musician, taking control of tasks such as song writing and recording and releasing songs to market.

Launched on Wednesday in London, the app is the brainchild of the UK Intellectual Property Office, lobbying group UK Music and Aardman Animations.

This is the first time the UK government and the music industry have combined to create a game focusing on business strategy in the entertainment industry.

The aim is to let young people see the consequences of their decisions in order to better understand how the industry works and how creators earn money for their work.

UK IP minister Lord Younger explained the importance of young people learning about copyright.

“The UK has a world leading music industry with globally recognised artists, something we should be proud of. But getting the protection of their work, and its value right, is vital for a vibrant and successful future.

“Young people have an important role to play in this success. We must make sure they understand and respect copyright. Music Inc is an exciting and engaging collaboration ... that will help capture their imagination and encourage them to think about copyright and its importance to the creative industries.”

Dan Efergan, creative director at Aardman Animations, added that protecting the value of creativity is “hugely important”.

“You have to help people understand the effort and love that go into music production and you have to get them excited about its creation. That way people have more respect and make different choices, hopefully some of them even joining the industry themselves.”

 Music Inc is available in the Apple and Android app stores.

This article was first published on 06 February 2014 in World IP Review

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