US officials seek to protect online marketplaces from fakes


US officials seek to protect online marketplaces from fakes

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The US government has launched initiatives to protect online marketplaces against counterfeits.

Bruce Foucart, director at the National IP Rights Coordination Center (IPR Center), said it was working to “crack down” on online piracy.

“We’ve developed a procedure that would inform industry of what’s required to shut down copyright infringing sellers on various online marketplaces,” Foucart said.

Foucart made the claims to representatives from the Senate Finance Committee, according to a statement from the US Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) released on Wednesday, June 22.

He added that the IPR Center, which is operated by ICE, had “joined with specific coalitions which intend to monitor online pharmacies and help digital advertisers avoid collaborating with websites engaged in piracy”.

Foucart spoke during a hearing called “Challenges and opportunities for US business in the digital age” held last week.

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