Vimeo launches ‘Copyright Match’ tool


Vimeo launches ‘Copyright Match’ tool

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Video-sharing website Vimeo introduced a new copyright protection tool on May 21.

The tool, called ‘Copyright Match’, will detect whether the content of an uploaded video infringes copyrighted material.

When users upload their video to the site, the tool will take a ‘fingerprint’ sample of the audio used in the work. The sample will then be sent to the database service, Audible Magic, which will compare the sample to a record of copyrighted material.

Users, however, are able to appeal against any decision that their work infringes copyright by citing a fair use defence.

In these cases, Vimeo will assess the intended use of the material and the possible effects it will have on the market value of the existing work.

An official statement on the Vimeo website said: “Vimeo is a home for original work – not rips of movies, TV shows, music, videos and sports broadcasts. We encourage creativity and innovation, and we always want to respect everyone who expresses themselves artistically.”

Vimeo has 26 million registered users but the site is available to anyone, and nearly 170 million people view its videos online each month.

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