WIPO launches image search feature


WIPO launches image search feature

Photo: Angela Waye / Shutterstock.com

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) has launched a new feature on its global brand database that allows users to search for similar trademarked images.

Users of the database will now be able to upload suggested designs for logos and compare them with protected designs.

The database then provides information on the designs, such as the country of origin, the holder of the trademark and the registration date.

The database was first presented at the International Trademark Association conference on May 10.

An official statement on the WIPO website said: “It adds an important new search possibility for the global brand database’s users, who often wish to see if a logo, trademark or other similar image is separately registered for use.”

The database contains 13 million records of protected designs, with four million searchable images. 

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