WIPO comes calling as Yahoo secures cybersquatting victory


WIPO comes calling as Yahoo secures cybersquatting victory

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Yahoo has secured several phone-related domain names in a cybersquatting dispute at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

WIPO’s Arbitration and Mediation Center transferred the domain names contactnumberforyahoo.com; phonenumberforyahoo.com; phonenumberyahoo.com; yahoo-contact.com; yahoocustomercarephonenumber.com; yahoomailcontactnumber.com; and yahoomailphonenumber.com to Yahoo on September 6.

The decision was published yesterday, September 15.

Yahoo filed its complaint on July 13 against Registration Private of Arizona and Prakhar Rastogi, Rajveer Singh Chawla and Divya Taneja of India.

The domain names were registered in September last year and are currently used to redirect users to webpages offering “Yahoo Phone Number for Technical Support” or informing them of “Yahoo Toll Free” numbers.

Yahoo argued that the disputed domains names were actually managed by the same person as they were registered within a three-day timeframe with the same registrar and four of the domains were placed on the same IP address.

The respondents didn’t reply to the complaint.

Panellist Wilson Pinheiro Jabur found that the domain names were confusingly similar to the Yahoo trademark and that they were registered in bad faith. 

Finding for bad faith, Jabur said that the domain names had used the Yahoo trademark as well as offering confusingly similar support services.

“Other factors corroborate a finding of bad faith: a. the use of a privacy protection service; b. the use of a false address in the Whois data, after the privacy shield was removed; and c. the absence of any response to the complaint, failing thereby to invoke any circumstance which could demonstrate good faith in the registration or use of the disputed domain names,” said Jabur. 

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