YouTube offers new weapon against copyright infringement


YouTube offers new weapon against copyright infringement

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Video sharing platform YouTube has released a new initiative to help users identify when their content has been uploaded to other accounts.

On Wednesday, July 11, YouTube announced the launch of its Copyright Match tool, which has been designed to find “re-uploads” of content.

As part of the new programme, YouTube will scan uploaded videos to see whether they are similar to any others. If there is a match, it will appear in the “matches” tab.

When YouTube identifies a match, the user that uploaded the video will have three choices: they can do nothing; get in touch with the other creator; or request YouTube remove the video.

If the user makes a request for removal, it will have the option to give the person who uploaded the matched video seven days to correct the issue.

“Before taking action, we ask that you carefully evaluate each match to confirm that you own the rights to the matched content and ensure that you believe it infringes on your copyright,” said Fabio Magagna, product manager at YouTube for the Copyright Match Tool, in a blog post.

“You should not file a copyright takedown request for content that you do not own exclusively, such as public domain content,” he added.

Magagna said that before the YouTube user decides on what action to take, it should consider whether the matched content could be interpreted as fair use or be subject to other exceptions to copyright.

He also said it is important that the owner of the footage is the first person to upload the content.

YouTube already has the Content ID tool, which helps copyright owners identify and manage their content online.

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